The Space for Queer & trans people of color at the Intersection of Art, Scholarship, and Community


EFNIKS is our home

Now in its second iteration, EFNIKS began in the spring of 2016 as a blog for hobbyists in the LGBTQ / People of Color community. At the time, #GayMediaSoWhite was running through Twitter, and soon we would see a white, cisgender, heterosexual man grace the cover of our most prominent magazine, OUT Magazine, during Pride Month, our most sacred time of year. And the Pulse tragedy in Orlando showed us that our options for safe spaces run thin, and that they remain vulnerable.

Queer and trans people of color have few safe, familiar, and secure spaces in media, social media, and in the offline world we live in. But now we are a fully functional media organization, with reach in every area where QTPoC representation is lacking, where our safety is vulnerable, where our voices need to be heard. And we continue to grow and improve. We're showing Poseidon how to make waves. 


The EFNIKS Mission

EFNIKS will elevate our voices, share our stories, talk about our issues, represent our culture, and we will celebrate our joy. We will do this on our website, EFNIKS.com, through our social media channels, @efniksdotcom on all networks, and in our outreach and networking events in cities and communities all across the country. 



It is our opinion, on all channels, through all content, and in all spaces, that we will not engage in oppression, shaming, or harmful phobias of any kind. We are inclusive, open, and understanding, and aim to be accessible to race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, ability, and more. In short, empathy reigns.

We do not share problematic debate or opinion for the sake of debate; we do not believe that all opinions--especially those that are uninformed, and those that wish to discuss the merits of bigotry and oppression--contribute value to discourse in the QTPoC community. We do not find benefit to our communities in faux objectivity and "both sides" debates. On the contrary, those opinions that defend, empower, and elevate our communities are those we share. 


Tell us what you think

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