Artist “Syd tha Kid” Continues to Embrace, Celebrate Black Queerness with New Album

The hip-hop and R&B group “The Internet” is celebrating critical acclaim and success with its fourth studio album "Hive Mind." The group is fronted by Syd tha Kyd, a black lesbian with a distinctively understated butch style and an  openness to singing about her relationships with women. An alumnus of the Odd Future music collective, Syd’s name is rapidly approaching the notoriety and popularity of other members of the collective such as Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean. The album continues the smooth funk and jazz infused vibes of the group’s previous work.

The single "Come Over" has a beautifully produced video that portrays each of the band members partaking in playful, often queer romances. Syd's playful scenes depict her serenading her love interest from under her window and then spending an afternoon in bed. The video culminates in all of the members of the group watching television together in the living room, expressing a sense of deep comfort and found family.

Even though Syd has described herself as shy in character, her even-keeled demeanor and nonchalant effort to normalize queerness serve as an important model and example for other queer musicians. Everything about her and her band's music convey her ease and pride in her musicality and sexuality.

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