Starbucks Expands Health Insurance Coverage for Transgender Employees

In an effort to expand its health insurance coverage for its transgender employees, coffee chain giant Starbucks announced this week that its health insurance plans will now cover more gender re-affirming surgeries and procedures. Bottom surgery has been covered by the coffee brand’s insurance since 2012; and now top surgery, hair transplants, and facial feminization procedures are also covered.

Many transgender individuals face countless obstacles and roadblocks in trying to convince health insurance providers to cover their procedures. Some opt to save money until they can afford to pay for it themselves, while others fundraise online through platforms such as Go Fund Me pages.

Last year, Starbucks executives reached out to the World Professional Association for Transgender Health Guidance on how to further broaden the health coverage of its transgender employees.  

This latest initiative is not first time Starbucks has shown genuine support for the LGBTQ+ community. Gender neutral bathrooms were instituted in their Washington D.C stores in 2010. A year later, the company voiced its disapproval of the Defense of Marriage Act. The LGBTQ+ community has too many adversaries to list, and it seems like the list grows longer each day. To know that a large corporation like Starbucks supports the LGBTQ+ community is refreshing and encouraging.

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