Gorsuch Is Bad. Democrats Should Have Ended The Filibuster, Too.

Democrats continue to stand on principles that do nothing to actually benefit or alleviate the pressures their constituents (namely women, people of color, and the LGBTQ family) continue to live under. The Filibuster as an American Tradition? Maybe. Where Trump is the disrupter of traditions and maintaining those is necessary to saving the Republic and staving off disaster, we also know we could have had a Public Option and far more reach instead of what we now have for Obamacare. We could have had support for DREAMers instead of easily dismissed executive action. We could have had a second Stimulus bill once we realized the first one wasnt big enough to fill the 9% economic contraction of a hole created by the Great Recession. The filibuster enables Gorsuch to rise to SCOTUS. But ending it when the Democrats had the chance to could have helped the rest of us. Instead we got less than needed, less than demanded, and Gorsuch ready to judge against us for 20-30 years. Commitment to principle and tradition are privileges that many women, people of color, and LGBTQ people dont have. And the white folks who run the Democratic Party are certainly among the most privileged in society.