#Harvey: List of Resources for PoC and Marginalized Communities (via Colorlines)

This is a valuable resource and we urge to to repost. While not everyone has the resources or time to research every charity, and every local charity, to give to, we are glad that folks have been sharing their links and organizations in the wake of Harvey's historic flooding. We're not going to get into the business of shaming people for giving to non-profits and other groups with problematic efforts in their histories--we get that not everyone knows what to do. Instead, we'll try to share things like this, to help rather than chastise those who want to do anything to assist. While the link does specifically say "people of color", the list provided also has a number of ways to help other marginalized communities. 

More: http://www.colorlines.com/articles/how-donate-money-and-other-aid-communities-color-houston