Illinois Is Now The 2nd (SECOND) State To Ban The "Gay Panic" Defense

You ride the bus or train, you pay the clerk, your food is served, your records are kept, your finances are handled, your technology is maintained, your country defended. All things that you do without a care as to whether a gay or trans person is on the other end of that interaction with food, tech, or living in society. Yet some do worry about it, so much so that in 2017 we have to ask why is it that only 2 states in the country ban the "gay panic" or "trans panic" defense for violent crime? Why is it possible to use the defense, "He was gay and flirting so" or "I found out they were trans and" as excuses for violent behavior? The defense is only valid if you see LGBTQ people as a menace, as lying in secret waiting to prey on cis hetero people and assault them. It's a homophobic and transphobic bit of nonsense to accuse us of being particularly threatening, and therefor worthy of assault, for courts to say "I understand" when it comes to panic and violent behavior toward us. And it's also a joke.