The Times Op-Ed Defending Appropriation Is Garbage

Appropriation isn't "borrowing" from another culture, nor is it about respecting a culture, honoring a culture, any artistic homage to a culture. This is why appropriation is problematic: it is stealing and passing off culture as one's own; it is profiting off another culture, giving little or nothing to that culture or its people; it is wearing, selling, and owning with no sense of understanding and little regard for a people and its culture as anything more than a cheap good to buy, sell, and throw away; it's pretending to know a culture because you visited once, saw it on Netflix once, got a tattoo once; it is the way the culture isn't considered valid or normal until a white person does it; it is the way culture is seen as non-existent until a white person does it or "discovers it". 

But the author merges all things into one, pretending that appropriation and liking a burrito (yes, that's actually in there) are one and the same. It disregards power structures, context, and history entirely. It's the same "Becky and the n-word are both racist terms!" attempt at depoliticized justification for causing harm to people of color that we always see. 

And from a Becky, no less. 

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