Ending DACA Is White Supremacy, Full Stop

We have friends of EFNIKS who are DREAMers, benefitting from Obama's DACA policy and executive order. But even if they weren't friends, they are human beings, who have done nothing wrong, who are deserving of dignity and care and the thoughtfulness afforded to all human beings. By every measure, this is the wrong decision:

DACA recipients are integrated, law-abiding, and functioning members of society. But their production numbers alone don't warrant DACA's protection. If not their humanity, if not their labor, if not anything else, then what purpose does it serve to end DACA at all? 

We'll let Cristina Jiminez, Executive Director of United We Dream say it for us:

"All the rumors on DACA would give anyone whiplash. Sarah Huckabee Sanders just denied the latest leak from Fox News and clearly, there are divisions between White House advisors who know DACA works and between the white supremacists who want to intimidate, detain and deport immigrants.

“We are escalating our fight to defend DACA and confront white supremacy. But no matter what their decision, our priority will always be to fight for justice and dignity for all immigrant youth and their families.”

It is absolutely white supremacy. And we will fight it, in all its forms. 

More: https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/8/31/16226934/daca-trump-dreamers-immigration