Neighborhood Preservation Is Gentrification Code For Keeping Them White

This is effectively something you can replicate beyond the nation's capital. "Stable neighborhoods" is just the zoning and development code for "white neighborhoods". Designate something as "stable" or pretend that the phrase and concept aren't used primarily by white neighborhood residents, and you end up with changes almost exclusively in neighborhoods of color, in working class neighborhoods (side note: notice how "working class" tends to mean white in political discourse when we all know that working class people exist in urban areas and they tend to be of color). It's often times not the case that advocates against development are opposed too all development. Rather, it's that they know development happens where working and middle class people of color live. Multi family dwellings like apartment buildings? Not in the white or upper-income 'hoods. Below market rate housing, government assisted housing, the "projects"? Not in white or upper-income neighborhoods. And that's in part due to concepts like this, where "stable neighborhoods" is the depoliticized, race-neutral trigger that is anything but neutral on race. 

Image: Redlining San Francisco in the 1930s, via Mapping Inequality