We're Making Space for Young QTPoC Voices

EFNIKS.com is pleased to announce a special program on our platform for young LGBTQ+ people of color, The Workshop @ The EFNIKS Daily. Currently, the EFNIKS Daily blog features daily items on race, gender, sexuality, and news you find below the fold. Now, we are giving this space over to our community so that high school students and college undergrads have a home for writing, commentary, and learning. We are opening up an entire section of our website to your voices, your experiences, and your insight.

Students will have the opportunity to write brief pieces on news and pop culture, receive coaching through editorial processes, and have a chance to meet experienced writers and professionals in the QTPoC community. Led by our Editor-in-Chief, students who are part of The Workshop @ The EFNIKS Daily will have weekly group meetings via Google Hangout, share ideas and discuss trending topics, pitch their items on news and events as they happen, and have their names posted with their works across our website and social media channels.

We are doing this because we want our young folks to feel heard, empowered, and validated. We are doing this because we believe that we have a responsibility as older folks to listen, to boost, to teach, to defend, and strengthen the voices of those who will take over from us. Our elders have done their part, and now it’s our turn to do more for the next.


  • Ages 16 to 22 (you do not need to be enrolled in any school to be eligible)

  • Be LGBTQ+ and Person of Color

  • Minimum 2 month commitment

    • Weekly meeting attendance (Google Hangout)

    • 1 published post / working draft each week

    • Weekly meetings chosen from 2 day / time options, which will last no longer than 1 hour

  • Post Requirements:

    • Original work

    • Max 250 words per post

    • Include at least 1 source / topic link

    • Word count allotment will increase with demonstrated commitment and post quality

  • Recommendations and referrals are encouraged but not required (employers, teachers, counselors, mentors, parents, and so on). These may come in the form of a pdf file, email, etc.

  • Both formal and informal writing samples or links to previously published writings (including blogs) are also welcome

Write to info@efniks.com with the subject line EFNIKS Daily and include 3-5 paragraphs on why you or your nominee is a good fit for our program.