Creative Hustle Podcast, Episode 6: The Invisible Korean, with Marja Vongerichten

Celebrity chef and star of the “Kimchi Chronicles” Marja Vongerichten joins us and walks through her life and recipe for success. In this episode we cover:

Marja’s adoption and how being Black and Korean shaped her worldview
Growing up as a creative and discovering her true passions
Why she had to “rent” a white person to get her show made
The impact of being married to world renowned chef Jean Georges
Bridging cultural divides with food
Her connection to celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Dave Chapelle, and Heather Graham.

More about Marja:
Learn more about her PBS Series and her book “The Kimchi Chronicles” here:
Follow Marja on Instagram: @marjavongerichten
Follow her new food line Marja’s Original: @Marjasorginial

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