Femme Fatale

I am femme yet you misgender me,


I guess there's a price to pay for living your truth.

Didn't know the stakes were this high,

Didn't know I could die from a little rouge, bronzer,

and concealer,

Didn't know your attraction to me could be so... fatal.


Your masculinity is as fragile as it is agile.

You enjoy rocking this boat but I am instantly thrown overboard in public,

At a moment's notice.

Why do you even talk to me?

Why can't you help yourself?

You want to know what my secret is?

My soul is strong enough for a man but made for a woman.

You like testing these waters even if you can't swim good because I keep teaching you how to stroke.

I cook for you, listen to you, build your confidence and this is the thanks I get?

I usually call my girls:

Mesha Caldwell,
Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow,
Jojo Striker,
Tiara Richmond,
Chyna Doll Dupree,
Ciara McElveen,
Jaqaurrius Holland,
Alphonza Watson,
Chay Reed
Kenneth Bostick
Sherrel Faulkner
Kenne McFadden
Kendra Marie Adams
Ava Le'Ray Barrin
Ebony Morgan
Tee Tee Dangerfield

When your funky lil’ attitude reeks of misogyny,

But they no longer seem to be able to pick up the phone.

I don't want to pour out any liquor because red rum is what took them.

For colored girls who considered suicide when the rainbow is not enuf our heart breaks every time our community draws lines, picks sides, or worse-remains silent.


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