"How Does it Feel to be a Published QTPoC Author?": Lexington's Final Reflections From Our First Internship Cohort

There is a confusing sense of satisfaction that comes with publication. As a writer, oftentimes if I am not actively working on something, I feel like a fraud. Having now published body of work, I can push aside that notion with evidence to the contrary. This exercise has given me a platform of proof to stand on. To prove that my writing is good. Well thought-out. And packs a punch.

Being published in a medium like EFNIKS makes the writing worthwhile. There is more creative leeway with this type of publication as the site is not beholden to corporations, which means I can fully explore a piece without restraints on content. As a result of that, I can stand behind my work with pride (no pun intended), because what you see is a part of me, my style, on a page.

I’m actually gutted for the conclusion of this youth internship.  The editor of “The Workshop,” Daniel Farias didn’t expect experts; he guided us to excellence. There was a sense of community and support that gave me a certain motivation to seek out topics that I would not necessarily write about, in a manner that I wouldn’t otherwise opt for.

And because I had someone to answer to -- thank you, Daniel  -- who did not allow me to be complacent, I can express that I have more respect now, for the editorial process, for the revisions, and for the time invested in perfecting the posts that I (and the entire cohort, as a matter of fact) produced as part of “The Workshop @ EFNIKS Daily.”


The Workshop @ The EFNIKS Daily is our writing program for young QTPoC writers. Each of the 5 writers identify as QTPoC, and are between the ages of 17 and 22. Program participants receive a $200 stipend for the 60-day program. You can help us build this and other EFNIKS programs by visiting our support page.