this the lesson: his hers theirs yours ours mine apostrophe S.  


the first thing a boy says to me is you’re mine now & thus I am possessed

watching my body wear her hair different & walk away from me
my voice is a whisper my lips suddenly only open when he wishes
(I guess an idle body is a man’s feast) I climb the walls & people stare

my mother does not get a priest she gets me birth control & that’s fine
I can’t imagine my body being possessed twice

my friends say I’m switchin up my head tilts I’m no longer here

only men & god & the devil learn to possess & I to succumb
toddling to the altar to come thrashing banging pots & pans
this boy must think himself god noticed me empty
& knew to leave me that way

how many tears & prayers must I release at once to make
water holy enough for exorcism


my shame
a man’s hands
my mother’s stillness
their laughs
prayer’s salt
god’s quiet


if I say I am breathing life into this body this dead thing
would it be blasphemy?
his hers theirs yours ours mine mine mine mine

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