June 4 2018 - Dario G.

My name is Dario. I’m a Queer PoC. 

Sign Language Interpreter / Photographer

The following are a couple of photos inspired by Pride Celebrations...

dario g 1.png


As well as my favorite gay mug that makes the energy in my coffee that much gayer so I can start my day and my shirt with the gay agenda so “they” never forget...

dario g 2.jpg


And another with The Gay Agenda

dario g 3.jpg


And finally the lights in downtown El Paso, Texas that shine a very lovely shade of Queer ever year during Pride month...

dario g 4.jpg


Aside from these I also model on occasion and enjoy being part of shoots that show the different levels of queer that is me; this is one of my favorites...

Photo by David Parish. Models: Jennie Marie and myself

Photo by David Parish. Models: Jennie Marie and myself

But as enjoyable as my life is these days, it doesn’t discount the fact that I deal with demons. Addiction, mental health issues, and abandonment from a hyper-religious family have played a major role in shaping how I feel about myself today....

dario g 6.jpg
dario g 7.jpg


I’m Dario Garcia and I’m a Queer Person of Color. 

Happy Pride!