Toronto Pride Organizers Take Stand Against New Premier

On June 7th, the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario won a majority government, taking power for the first time in 15 years. The day after his historic win, Premier-elect Doug Ford announced he would participate in this year’s Toronto Pride Parade--only if police are allowed to join the march, too. Uniformed police officers have not been welcome at Toronto’s Pride Parade since 2016, after the Toronto chapter of Black Lives Matter spoke out about the harm that policing institutions have on black LGBTQIA folks and other marginalized groups.

Previous Premier, Kathleen Wynne, was Canada's first gay premier, and she marched in the Pride parade every year she was in office. Alternatively, in 2014, Ford made controversial remarks about the Pride Parade, describing the protest as an event where "middle-aged men with pot bellies" ran down the street "buck naked." Ford ran on a socially conservative platform and was actively supported by Charles McVety, one of Ontario’s most virulent anti-LGBT activists, so it is ultimately unsurprising to see his pro-police stance regarding the Pride Parade.

The good news? Toronto Pride has no plans of changing their police-free parade policy to satiate Ford.  


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