New Netflix Movie Highlights Need For QTPoC Narratives


Black quare folx have started countless movements, from the Stonewall Riots to Black Lives Matter. And yet, Black quare folx are often missing from mainstream television, as are other people of color. Netflix has just released a new show called “Alex Strangelove” that has received praise for its “queer-friendly” plotline. But it’s clear that even here, whiteness prevails as the norm. The characters are predominantly white, including the main lead, and the show is produced by a white cisgender heterosexual male.

A couple months ago, when “Love, Simon” was released, it received large amounts of praise and was seriously hyped prior to its release. But, again, the movie depicts how a white cisgender gay male struggles with his sexuality. Yes, there are people of color in the film, of course. The two cisgender black kids get together in a heterosexual relationship. The LGBT+ characters who aren’t the main characters are people of color. But throughout the movie, the spotlight is placed on this white gay cis male.

Where are the movies that star LGBT+ people of color? Where are the QTPOC main characters? Where are the movies about how QTPOC struggle with familial acceptance? Where are the movies about how QTPOC homeless youth struggle with severe poverty? Where are the QTPOC womxn? Where are the stories about gender dysphoria? Where are these stories?

There is this one show...


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