The EFNIKS Cover Story for September, on the Challenges of Defining Latinidad and the Intersections of Identity in Queer & Trans Latinx Communities


The Editor’s Note

Excerpt: “The more we try to unravel the incongruencies of Latinidad the more knotted we become.

Still, one writer in our Cover Story proposes that one answer (read: not THE answer) to the Gordian knot of the Latinx identity is to dive directly into the source of its traumatic foundations. Alan Pelaez, an Afro-Zapotec writer, offers that only by looking beyond ourselves and the margins we occupy, even as LGBT Latinxs, can we begin the harrowing process of healing from the collective and historical traumas that unite all Latinxs.

And, I use “unites” loosely. As there are things that will never fit neatly into an term that attempts to encompass countless peoples, histories, languages, cultures, and places.”


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