(H)afrocentric Comic: A Special To EFNIKS.com

From the Editor:

EFNIKS aims to be a space to explore intersectionality and what it means to be LGBTQ+ and People of Color. We want to highlight all aspects of our experience and excellence, look at our identities from every angle we can manage. To these ends, take a look at the comic below, provided to us courtest of Jewels Smith, creator of the (H)afrocentric Comic. In a discussion with Jewels, we found layers on layers of meaning and suggestion in this piece, and we want to know what you see. Let us know: feedback@efniks.com


About the Creator:

Juliana "Jewels" Smith is the creator and writer of (H)afrocentric that features four disgruntled undergrads of color and their adventures at Ronald Reagan University. In 2016, Smith took home the Glyph Award for Best Writer for Volume 4 of her independent series. She was also honored by the African American Library and Museum of Oakland with the first annual Excellence in Comics and Graphic Novels Award. She created (H)afrocentric as a way to challenge students and readers alike about the presumptions around race, class, gender and sexuality through character dialogue. She has given talks about the relationship between comics, humor, racial justice, and gender equity at The Schomburg Center, New York Comic Con, Studio Museum of Harlem, The Cooper Union, and more. 

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