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A collection of content surrounding a common monthly theme. All content for the Cover Story should follow the scheduled themes for each month (below, in this section). We accept content in two (2) main categories: Deep Dives, and Stories of Us (see below sections for detail). Each Cover Story has two (2) Deep Dives, and six (6) Stories of Us. The Deep Dives represent Scholarship, the Stories of Us represent Community--they are both equally valuable, and go hand-in-hand to inform each other. 


April | EARTH: Environmental justice, and the impact of pollution and Climate Change on PoC *CLOSED*

May | REMODEL: The "Model Minority" myth, colorism, othering, and LGBTQ+ experience of East/Southeast/South Asians, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islander communities *CLOSED*

June | QULTURE: The Pride Month conversation on LGBTQ+ subcultures and whether People of Color are allowed in (proposals due 5/4)

July | TOUCH: Sexual health, sex positive behavior, and the fight against STI stigma and slut-shaming (proposals due 6/1)

August | CRAVE: The conversation on desirability as it applies to dating & romance, skin tone & bodies, representation in media (proposals due 7/1)

September | GENTE: Breaking down race, gender, sexuality, and culture from Latinx LGBTQ+ voices (proposals due 8/1)

October | BODY: On body acceptance at it applies to self love, health, dysphoria, presentation, and representation in media (proposals due 9/1)

November | NATIVE: A look at the LGBTQ+ experience from Indigenous, Native, and First Nations communities (proposals due 10/1)

December | DIASPORA: A discussion of global migrations, displacement, assimilation, and connections to home countries & culture (proposals due 11/1)


The deep dives

Scholarship. Longer articles focusing on history, context, reporting, analysis, and related discussion into some chosen topic. Submissions should include 1) subject-related photo, 2) supporting links within the text (or footnote citations), 3) 1000-2000 word article. Minimum 80% third-person reporting, max 20% personal stories--please keep personal, first-person narratives within these pieces to a minimum. Deep Dives must meet editorial guidelines, gain editorial approval, and follow our 2-draft editing process. 



Community Knowledge. Mid-range personal essays and first-person stories by QTPoC individuals on their own lived experiences and relationships to any topic. These submissions should include 1) essay-related photo, 2) 500-700 word personal essay. Minimum 80% first-person narrative and experience, maximum 20% context and analysis. Stories of Us must meet editorial guidelines, gain editorial approval, and follow our 2-draft editing process. 




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We will feature TWO works of fiction (in any genre) each month. Fiction short stories will not exceed 5,000 words, and if a submission is accepted, you will go through a round or two of editorial guidance before your work is published. Unlike other submissions to EFNIKS, short stories do NOT need to match the monthly Cover Story theme. Compensation for any short story, regardless of length, is $50.



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We will post updated guidelines very soon. In the meantime, please provide continue to send your submissions and we will get back to you.



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Art. We feature ONE artist of visual media (sketch, paint, digital drawing, sculpture, photography, etc) each month. Features include a brief, written Q&A, and FIVE previously completed works to feature at the top of the following sections of the website: Cover Story, EFNIKS Daily, Culture, The Deep Dive, Stories of Us, and EFNIKS Media. Compensation for any feature, regardless of media type, is $50.


The workshop @ the efniks daily

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Short, blog-style posts on daily news and events. See our post on this program for young QTPoC writers here.



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We accept video, video series, short film, recorded audio, podcast partnerships, poetry and short stories, artist features, and more. All content must follow the EFNIKS Editorial Opinion and be approved by our EFNIKS Media team.



EFNIKS pays our contributors with money raised through our Donate page. These donations pay our contributors, with a full 100% of money raised going directly to our writers, artists, and creatives. Our staff receives no compensation--this is a labor of love for our QTPoC family. Currently, we provide compensation for our Cover Story content and Culture pieces:

Deep Dives are compensated at $150 each.

Stories of Us are compensated at $50 each.

Short Stories are compensated at $50 each.

Poems are compensated at $50 each.

Visual Arts features are compensated at $50 each. 


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