Thirst, Face, & Color: Follow These Pages To Add Some Magic To Your IG Feed

In an online world that overwhelmingly celebrates the beauty of white, cisgender, heterosexual people, QTPoC have found ways to create community and increase visibility on our own behalf. So we made a list of thirst accounts, shout-out pages, aggregators, and other people doing their best to highlight the beauty of people of color. While we did our best to include a range of ethnic and gender diversity, but there are definitely groups that are not represented on this list! Send us others over the rest of the month and we will add them to the end!

Warning: Some of these accounts might be NSFW. I learned this through attempting to do research at my day job and feeling embarrassed by the amount of shirtless dudes on my screen. Browse at your own risk!


1 ) @jamelshabazz


Coeval Magazine describes Jamel Shabazz as “a household name when it comes to documentary photography, particularly his photography of New York’s urban and youth culture in the 80s. His work has been featured all over the country and also internationally. Read his interview with Coeval Mag here. Follow @jamelshabazz


2) @foundbae  


Found Bae scouts models and talent and features them on IG @ifoundbae and Twitter @FoundBAE.


3) @latinos_ricos


Ricos indeed. INDEED. Follow @latinos_ricos


4) @qwearfashion


Not only is this page an IG full of excellently-dressed cuties, but Qwearfashion is a style blog too. is dedicated to showing off the beauty and fashion of the LGBTQIA+ community and increasing visibility. Follow @qwearfashion


5) @artsyandblack


This IG is an extension of the owner’s tumblr, Follow @artsyandblack


6) @wolfeguys


I learned a lot of things while putting together this list. One of them is that “wolf-y guys” is a thing! And I’m very into it. (Wolf-y guys holla @ me!!). Follow @wolfeguys


7) @nalgonapositivitypride


NPP is a SoCal-based project that promotes decolonizing brown bodies and practicing radical self-love. They host a variety of workshops, discussions, and social gatherings for indigenous people and POC seeking community or to learn more about the project.

Their IG is a mix of informational graphics, memes, event announcements, and body-positive POC beauties. Follow @nalgonapositivitypride


8) @alphablackgirls


Alpha. So much *praise hands emoji*. Follow @alphablackgirls


9) @cosplayofcolor


It’s ridiculous that comics or fantasy/sci-fi can imagine alternate universes and characters with superpowers, but not a queer person or person of color engaging in those worlds and roles. @cosplayofcolor works to combat that. Follow @cosplayofcolor


10) @jo.christopher


@jo.christopher is a Boston-based photographer whose project #StrangersinBoston, much like Humans of New York,  features Bostonians from all walks of life, with a focus on People of Color in the city. Follow @jo.christopher


11) @hotasianbear_


Another term I learned through this piece- Bears! (obviously I’m very hip and up to date on all of the queer lingo). Follow @hotasianbear_


12) @sirjohnofficial


Sir John is Beyonce’s makeup artist, so we all just need to follow him out of respect. Everyone’s IG account should be pre-set to follow Bey and anyone who dresses or styles her. Sir John is also a producer and mentor on Lifetime’s American Beauty Star. Follow @sirjohnofficial


13) @veteranas_and_rucas


This IG is a photo archive of Chicanx women raised in southern California in the 80’s and 90’s. Founder Guadalupe Rosales’s work seeks to preserve SoCal youth subcultures, and her project has gained the attention of UCLA’s Chicano Studies Resource Center as well as the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, where she’s been serving as their IG’s first digital artist-in-residence. Follow @veteranas_and_rucas


14) @the.foxhole


Two words: thirst follow. Creator Jamari Fox also has a blog that features a “Fox-tionary” which I pored over, and now I actually know what all of these terms mean. Thanks @the.foxhole!!


15) @theveryblackproject


The Very Black Project is a Brooklyn-based business that sells merchandise featuring their signature “very black” slogan. Founders Justin Fulton and Andre D. Singleton have backgrounds in digital design, fashion, performing arts, and education. Follow @theveryblackproject


16) @themamicollective


Ugh. These mujerxs. So perfect!! The Mami Collective is a dynamic group of Latinas from all around the country who are unified in being boss ass bitches and looking good while doing it. Members include poet @yesikastarr and writer @priscadorcas. Follow @themamicollective


17) @menofcolour


An IG and model/photographer networking tool! Follow @menofcolour


18) @_pocbeauty


Models of color and makeup discounts. Follow @_pocbeauty on IG and @PoCBeauty on Twitter. 


19) @prgoyanyc


Just hot dudes. Lots of hot dudes. Follow @prgoyanyc


20) @ni_santas


Named after the Mexican feminist slogan “ni santas, ni putas, solo mujeres,” (not saints or sluts, just women), this collective of badass women of color seeks to create a safe space within the Los Angeles art community for POC to express themselves and support one another. Follow @ni_santas


21) @menofindia


Men of India is an IG and a magazine featuring the beauty of South Asian men. Follow @menofindia


22) @3peatcomedy


This all-Black group of comedians got its start at improv and sketch theater iO in Chicago, and has performed all around the country. Each member has their unique styles which makes for a hilarious group dynamic. Member Chris Redd was among Saturday Night Live’s most recent hires and it’s only a matter of time before the rest of them make some big moves too. They’re all also extremely attractive. Follow @3peatcomedy


23) @fatgirlsdancemovement


From their website: “Fat Girls Dance (FGD) is a relentless fem-led online movement towards body positivity and self-love through the celebration of dance.” These NYC-based fat women (everyday women, not even professional dancers) record a new dance that they upload to their YouTube channel every week. Follow @fatgirlsdancemovement


If we missed anything, tell us and we'll add to the list here. DM us @efniksdotcom or send an email to 


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