10 Femme, Queer, Trans, Gender-Fluid, or Non-Binary Accounts to Queer-Up Your Feed

This week, in a series of tweets (which in no way constitute official policy), Donald Trump announced a ban on transgender folks serving in the United States military. This move only serves as further proof that his administration has no interest in protecting LGBTQ+ rights, contrary to prior promises of unrelenting support.

There is no better time to celebrate and praise the flyness of our queer, trans, gender-fluid, and non-binary hermanxs. This month, EFNIKS has compiled a list of accounts of people thriving, making us laugh, and sharing their art and stories with their social media communities. If you’re not already following, make sure to check them out, (and support $$$!!!).


1) @Soyesperanz

Bio: Esperanz Tlalli Aguilera Fuentes [She/They]. Anthropology & Chicana/o Studies @ UCDavis. Capricorn Babe. Rural Brown Queer. Educator. Femme AF (Against Fascism)

Instagram & Twitter: @soyesperanz


2) @Adamantxyves

Black trans/non-binary person who tweets about life, politics, and LGBT issues. Also now a contributor to Efniks (woo!!).

Twitter: @adamantxyves


3) @serenasonoma

No idea #transgender #wlyg #transisbeautiful #GirlsLikeUs

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Serena Sonoma is a Black trans woman who has written for several publications, including Medium.com, Bolde.com, and WearYourVoiceMag.com about her identity and life experiences. She is on Instagram, Twitter, and her personal website. Serena is also on Patreon offering short stories and poems for $1 pledges:

Instagram & Twitter: @serenasonoma
Personal Site: serenasonoma.contently.com


4) @juniperangelica

Juniperangelica Cordova is a recent graduate of UC Berkeley, and a staff organizer at GSA Network & Transgender Law Center. In addition to all that, she graces our world with cute Instagram pics and her Twitter page. Juniperangelica has also launched a fundraiser for the expensive cost of officially adopting her niece to give her a more stable living environment. You can donate here: https://www.youcaring.com/adriancordovamynibling-880417

Instagram & Twitter: @juniperangelica


5) @fei.hernandez

Feí Hernandez is a trans non-binary, (once-undocumented) immigrant poet and artist from Inglewood, California. Feí received their Bachelor’s degree in American Studies from Dickinson College after receiving the Posse Scholarship. Currently, Feí is a full-time 6th grade art teacher, performance poetry instructor, organizer, VONA fellow.

Instagram: @fei.hernandez
Twitter: @feihernandez
Personal Site: famofaux.com


6) @brownmilf

im tired

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What would this list be without a meme page?? @brownmilf’s page (bio: the “m” in milf stands for memer) explores issues of injustice, depression and trauma, and gender through the lens of meme humor and realness. Follow for the laughs, stay for her gorgeous selfies.

Instagram: @brownmilf
Twitter: @depressedmilf


7) @Janetmock

📷 @christelle_studio for @toprankmagazine. HAIR @andrewfitzsimons // MAKEUP @miyakemakeup

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IG Bio: Janet M, NYT bestselling author of two books REDEFINING REALNESS & SURPASSING CERTAINTY • Host of the convo series NEVER BEFORE podcast • ALLURE 

Janet Mock (the Janet Mock), is an author, TV host, and activist for transgender rights. According to her web site’s bio, she approaches her  work with a “feminist intent on tackling stigma through story telling.” She is also a columnist at surpassingcertainty.com.

Instagram & Twitter: @janetmock
Personal Site: janetmock.com


8) @queerxicanochisme

Didnt end up going to Pride™ cuz of Life® but yall still deserve to see my beautif shirt by @micahbazant

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IG Bio: Social Justice Brujo. Nerdy Hoodrat. Iconoclast. John Leguizamo approved.

From their Facebook bio: Queer Xicano Chisme is the opinion blog where one Queer Xicano aims to empower and be a voice (read: not THE voice) for queer Xicanitos through the spread of some hot chisme*. This space will center the lived experience and embodied knowledge of the administrator of Queer Xicano Chisme in discussions of social justice, sex, pop culture, familia, comedy, politics, cultura, Queer Xicanismo, and chisme.

As we are all in the process of learning and unlearning behaviors to become better people, Queer Xicano Chisme will undoubtedly have some public stumbles and might fall into problematic territory. If that happens, please call it OUT/IN, as your comfort level permits. This forum aims to be as inclusive/intersectional as possible and that can only be achieved if the admin of this page understands if he has strayed from his lane.

That said, there will be no room for the following on this blog: racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, genderism, femmephobia, misogyny, fatphobia, ableism, anti-semitism, Islamophobia, zionism, white tears, and rape apologists.

If you're found acting a fool and being any of the aforementioned terms, your ass is gonna be banned faster than your Mamá reaching for the chancla.

So, let's have some fun, grow, and learn from each other. Y que empiece el desmadre!

Con Paz
Queer Xicano Chisme

*chisme is gossip, oral history, shade, news, and ancestral knowledge as practiced by many Chicanx/Latinx folks.

Ruben’s tweets, memes, and photos are bound to make you smile and provoke deep thought in your everyday life. They also write and performs poetry, and have recently been featured in a mitú video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dk-W8eeIE1o

Instagram: @QueerXicanoChisme
Twitter: @QueerXiChisme
Facebook: www.facebook.com/queerxicanochisme


9) @luckyone_miggs  


A post shared by Miguel Ángel Tapía Trujillo✨🌸 (@luckyone_miggs) on

IG Bio: Virgo with moon in Taurus. Sagittarius rising with Jupiter in Capricorn, Mars and Venus in Cancer. i love myself.  transgender Virgo just trying to exist and live while I'm at it; they / she ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Instagram & Twitter: @luckyone_miggs


10) @thesoniag

IG Bio: Migrant.Queer.Poet. @CultureStrike 's Managing Director. Artist in Residence at @HemisphericInstitute Author of "Nostalgia & Borders" 

From her Website Bio: Queer Migrant Poet, Cultural Organizer, and Activist from Harlem by way of Ecuador. Guiñansaca a VONA/Voices alumni who has performed at El Museo Del Barrio, The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, the NY Poetry Festival, Galleria de La Raza, The Met,  and featured on NBC, PBS, Latina Magazine, Pen American, and the Poetry Foundation to name a few. She has presented keynotes, workshops, panels at universities throughout the country. She has been named as 1 of 10 Up and Coming Latinx Poets You Need to Know by Remezcla, as well as one of 13 Coolest Queers on the Internet by Teen Vogue, and recently announced as the 2017's Artist in Residence at NYU's Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics.  She has emerged as a national leader in the undocumented/migrant artistic and political communities. Co-founded and help build some of the largest undocumented organizations in the country, coordinating and participating in groundbreaking civil disobedience actions in the immigrant rights movement. She has also founded some of the first creative artistic projects by and for undocumented writers/artists. 

Instagram & Twitter: @thesoniag
Personal Site: soniaguiñansaca.com


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