Our Featured Visual Artist: Justice Dwight of Richmond, VA

EDITOR: Every month, EFNIKS features a new artist in the title art of each section of the website. In addition to featuring their work, EFNIKS wants our readers to get to know the queer and trans creatives whose work you see. Below, a chat with this month's artist, Justice Dwight. 


EFNIKS: Welcome, artist Justice Dwight! How is your week, how is life, what’s happening on social media, let us know?   

JUSTICE DWIGHT: Hi, my week has been pretty stressful but not impossible. I like to take on all tasks no matter how difficult and complete them with a smile on my face.

EFNIKS: How do you identify: race, ethnicity, gender, pronouns, sexuality…?
JD: I identify as a Black star child from the universe that came here to slay.

EFNIKS: What is your background with respect to art and various artistic media? Any formal training or education?

JD: Everything with me is homegrown. I learned a lot about art from my father who use to paint frequently and its something I fell in love with. I decided to continue pursuing art as my career and when I feel it necessary I teach myself new skills.

EFNIKS: Is there anything about you, your experiences, your values that informs your art and how you present your style? 

JD: Growing up and feeling like I wasnt being represented in art has really brought a large influence into the stories that I decided to tell on canvas. 

EFNIKS: Do you feel any expectations or pigeonholing about how people approach you, given your race/ethnicity, gender presentation, and sexuality? Do people place limits (even if subtle and suggestively) on what you can do?

JD: I dont feel the need to concern myself with the expectations of others no matter what the circumstance. I feel that people always try to place limits on me but its basically a reflection of the limits that they place on themselves. I gain new powers everyday there is absolutely no limit to what I can do.

EFNIKS: Tell us about the pieces featured on EFNIKS.com for the FAM Cover Story and our focus on the chosen family and youth homelessness?
JD: The pieces I chose to send in are my favorite pieces that I have done so far. 



EFNIKS: Art is important to EFNIKS, and we want to continue to push art and artivism as regular and recurring parts of our mission--what would you tell up and coming artists about finding spaces where they can flourish and shine?
JD: If you have trouble finding space to flourish and shine create your own space. There is no formula to showcasing your talents. Find a group of dope people and build positive safe spaces to create. Also be active in your community! 

EFNIKS: Anything you want our folks to know, any words of wisdom you want to drop on the children?   

JD: Its crazy we are literally living , breathing Humans with so many different gifts. Stop running around trying to please people who dont matter. You have gifts! Put your gifts to use, you weren't blessed to be just average.

EFNIKS: Where can we find you on social media? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, got a SoundCloud? Personal website?

JD: IG: @JusticeDwight
Twitter: @JusticeDwight
Soundcloud : "Black Boy Magick" - The New Motif
Shop: Justice Dwight Art

EFNIKS: Thank you for your time, Justice Dwight. You’re a dope human. 

JD: Its truly been a pleasure. 


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